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Mother's Day 2024

Lavender Terrarium: Our lavender themed reusable Gift Vase is both pretty and useful.  With Himalayan sea salts as the base, a stacked lavender bath bomb, soap, lotion, 5ml lavender oil, love gemstone and a lavender wrapped smudging stick complete with a dried lavender tiny bouquet, this will let Mom know that you put thought into it and appreciate her. $68 (Packaged securely for shipping)

So Vanilla: So thoughtful; our vanilla themed Mothers Day set includes Healing Hollow hand crafted vanilla cream, vanilla bath bomb, vanilla roll-on perfume and your choice of dried or fresh flowers by Juniper Blumes in a Healing Hollow vase. $45

Mom's The Bomb: 5 oz bath bomb made by Fizz Soakery SOLD OUT 

Eucalyptus Terrarium: Eucalyptus salts, bomb, oil, soap, stone, smudge stick, dried eucalyptus

Vanilla Terrarium:  Vanilla salts, bomb, soap, cream, perfume, stone, dried yellows

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