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Hand-Crafted Essential Oils Derived from Nature

Healing Hollow Essential Oil blends originated in 2008. After owner, Michelle Cubin learned how traditional medicines could negatively affect the body as a whole when not used in balance; she sought an alternative healing source. Made with love, life experiences, and a passion for assisting others in healing, we hope you’ll love our hand-crafted blends as much as we love creating them. Essential oils allow healing to take place on a physical and emotional level to produce astounding results!

When used in place of medications, especially with children, essential oils can aid in the start of a life-long journey of healthy choices. They help keep the body in balance as they address both physical and emotional causes. When Healing Hollow blends are used in conjunction with medicines, they can accelerate healing and address any other underlying issues. Our blends are handmade in small batches in the Rocky Mountains of B.C., Canada at each of our locations. We pick our essential oils carefully and choose only Certified Organic, Wild Harvested (grown in their own environment), or unsprayed sources.

Not all essentials oils are the same. Sometimes organic oils have fewer therapeutic qualities than unsprayed or Wild Harvested varieties, which is why we purchase oils from where they grow best around the world to ensure the highest level of quality. While our essential oils are Food Grade, we highly recommend working with an experienced practitioner that has years of experience as the safety of the oils may differ greatly depending on their origination. Essential oils are potent but provide amazing benefits!

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