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Our oils are sourced from all over the world. Healing Hollow prefers oils from their native land, so if lavender grows best in France or eucalyptus in Australia then we choose that oil. We have been buying for 8 years now and have really learned the best suppliers and oils that have an great energetic feel as well.

We have a wide variety of organic, wild harvested and chemical free oils. We choose based on experience with that particular essential oil. There were organic oils that we didn’t love and chose wild harvested or otherwise. We love the energy that wild harvested oils have, how they’re grown in their own native land, not farmed, and then replanted in the same area. They withstand the weather, surrounded by nature and it’s our belief that this makes an amazing therapeutic essential oil.

Our citrus oils are cold pressed at optimal temperatures while most other oils are steam distilled at optimal temperatures. Some oils such as Jasmin are solvent extracted with alcohol as that is the only method to distill them.

Our oils are not classified by that particular term as that is a trademarked term belonging to a multi-level marketing essential oil company. Our oils are therapeutic, food grade essential oils. We do not advise on ingesting essential oils solely due to liability, labeling and dosage specifications. We don’t feel this our place as aromatherapists to advise on what and how much to consume for fear of someone not understanding the strength. If you are working with a professional practitioner, you could choose to yourself. There are still many differing thoughts on consumption of essential oils and one must do what feels right to them.

Our oils are based on cost per litre which varies crop to crop, year to year. Sometimes roman chamomile is more or less depending on what is happening with crops and farming. We tend to be much cheaper than our multi-level competitors because their pricing is done on a tiered system. They have multiple levels of people to pay thus their prices need to be higher. Generally, we are about the same or within a few dollars of our equal or small business competitors depending on volume each of us purchases at once. The more sales you have or more growth you have will allow for larger volumes thus reducing costs. We buy based on quality so will pay more for an oil that is superior.

If you have a question for one of our specific retail locations, please find their contact info here.

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