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Almond Vanilla

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Scent Notes: california almonds. madagascar vanilla. a day in the kitchen baking delicious italian almond cookies. It's early morning at the farmers' market. The birds are chirping, the air is crisp, and the produce is fresh. Lightly on the air, you catch a whiff of fresh baked goods and follow your nose to a tent with the sweetest, most delicate chocolate almond croissants you've ever smelled. This is almond vanilla in a nutshell. You'll think it's good enough to eat but trust us... it smells better than it tastes. This and all of our soaps are made with a carefully sourced blend of five plant-based oils, including extra virgin olive oil and shea butter. Each of our 25+ bar soap varieties feature a unique, sophisticated scent, vibrant dye-free colors, and natural botanicals that will instantly make Cellar Door your new bestselling line. 

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