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Essential Oil for Pets Guide

"The Essential Oils for Pets Guidebook by Dr. Janet Roark is a must have for anyone using Essential Oils with their Pets. Dr. Roark explains the do’s and don’t to help you use oils safely and effectively with your cats and dogs. You will find yourself referencing your guidebook again and again for information about specific oils and over 100 Essential Oil recipes and diffuser blends."

Introducing the much anticipated Essential Oils for Pets Guidebook by Dr. Janet Roark.
Dr. Roark has designed this book to help people use essential oils safely and more comfortably with their pets and to share all her knowledge of the best practices to do that.

Inside in this book you will find:
Over 100 Pet safe diffuser blends and recipes
Safe practices when using oils with your pets
An easy to use dilution guide
System Support oils for Dogs and Cats
Specific Conditions for Dogs and Cats

And so much more…..
This is a must have book for anyone wanting to learn more about using Essential Oils with their pets.
Content: (1) Book
Pages: 98
Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5″

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