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These are the times…

January 26, 2020

These are the times…

There are days, but lately it has been months, where I am struggling to keep it all afloat. Most humans strive for more, for better, for bigger, for growth, we want to improve and evolve in life. We are programmed this way, or our personalities just drive us. I am driven, maybe ADHD, maybe trying to be something or have some sort of recognition that will never come because I never see it. 

Healing Hollow has grown, obviously, I’ve whined to you before about the pros and cons of growth. I love my shops, my employees, the uniqueness of each town they’re in. I still love blending, creating and I still get excited unpacking oils, getting new labels, revamping the stores.

Something has shifted again though, maybe it has grown a little more. I am struggling to answer Instagram, Facebook, emails and texts. I have made email accounts just for wholesalers, I have done “instant” messaging on social media to at least have a timely response and direct customers properly. I have done the manuals and re-done them, I have made stickers for warranty information, for cleaning diffusers, for return policies but no matter what I do, something isn’t flowing.

People call and they want to talk to me, the owner. They don’t want to talk to the manager or the employee who actually is well informed. While it is small business it is still multi-faceted with the owner’s doing it all as opposed to larger businesses where various roles are delegated with bigger budgets to allow for it. (not to say they don’t have their fair amount of stresses too)

What’s interesting is that some customers want the small business, the personal touch, to support something local but they want the perks of large corporations. They want free shipping, warranties to last for years on minimal purchases, they want prices like Amazon and some days, it is all too much. It is hard to balance it all, to stay ahead of the large corporations who can get ahead on a few dollars profit because their volume is so huge. The busier we get, the bigger we grow, the more we see it, it’s all relative.

Something is shifting, I can feel it. I won’t change the stores, the vibe, the hand-made, the giving back and keeping it real but I feel like the Universe is yelling at me to change something, whether it’s how Healing Hollow is run or something about myself, something is stirring. I know it will be for the better, I know I am evolving for the next stage of Healing Hollow and the struggle is temporary. I trust it will evolve and transpire how it is meant to, that who’s a part of this story keeps tagging along, it’s a good show. I also hope that a miracle happens tonight and every email I haven’t replied to and every bottle that sits empty is magically dealt with while I sleep!

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