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Plastic, paper or truth.

June 30, 2019

Plastic, paper or truth.

My evening started with ordering more boxes and packing supples (for online ordering) when I stumbled upon a site dedicated to recycled bags, tape and cushioning. 

Something still doesn’t sit right with me in all this. Many customers were happy we had little cotton cloth bags but in my head I was thinking about the cotton industry; the water usage, the pesticides, but at that time, cotton seemed like a better alternative than plastic because plastic upset some customers. 

We tried our hand at paper bags of all sizes and often watched customers walk out with them tearing and coming back for another one…so what did we accomplish? 

We pack our online orders in cardboard; recycle right! We use bubble wrap to ensure it doesn’t break. We have customers request no bubble so we abide and have to replace the broken bottles, so what did we accomplish? We have to ship it again, use more product, more fuel, more of more. 

We made the change to all glass over plastic for in house carrier oils and such however the companies send it in aluminum to prevent breakage, so they don’t have to incur costs. So what did we accomplish? We use all glass bottles for everything we blend but we use the dishwasher and soap all day everyday, so what did we accomplish?

On this innocent quest tonight to order more packing protection, I found shredded paper instead of bubble only to read how many trees are cut down; “Paper bags have a much higher global warming potential (GWP).
The manufacture of paper bags is much more resource intensive than plastic consuming larger amounts of energy and water…”

Honestly, I am not sold yet on this whole thing. 
I want more information. 

If you are going to use a cloth bag, make sure you BRING your cloth bag. As a business owner, don’t keep giving your cloth bags to every customer! If you have them in your system as a customer, ask them where their bag is otherwise you’re causing more harm than good. I know people who have 40 cloth bags from the same store… so what did you accomplish?

The truth of all this is we do not know yet, there are good and bad to glass and plastic, paper and plastic. The whole “biodegradable” isn’t what you think. 

Something that is supposed to be good for the environment has become (yet again), mostly because of social media, a way to judge and belittle others. I have seen people be outright mean to people about their choices and it isn’t right. 

We need more studies. We need politicians to stop using sensitive subjects to get votes. We need real information!

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