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Your Moontime Magic

While it may no longer be commonly referred to as "the curse," menstruation is still often at best hush-hush and at worst the subject of demeaning PMS jokes.

Maureen Theresa Smith, the mother of a daughter, understands starting to menstruate rocks a girl's world. She dispels fear with easy-to-understand biological facts, highlights the ways young girls are not alone with stories about other young women around the world, and creates a sense of pride through ways to engage with age-old wisdom connecting women to nature and the cycles of the moon.

In Your Moontime Magic, Smith addresses this physical or emotional discomfort with lifestyle tips, physical practices, and spiritual techniques that empower rather than incapacitate.

Your Moontime Magic also brings recipes, crafts, journaling prompts, affirmations, aromatherapy, and even beauty treatments to redefine "that time of the month" in ways that mothers, grandmothers, and aunties will wish they had had and that they will be thrilled to share with the girls in their lives.

Pairs well with our blend, Enchantress, for your changing body. 

Author: Theresa Smith, Maureen
Vendor: New World Library

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