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Wood Element Pure Blend

Wood-LIVER-Gallbladder Meridian

The liver seeks an easy-going, carefree attitude with a smooth flow of Qi-energy. It is crucial for maintaining our overall emotional wellbeing and feelings must flow freely. Pressures and tensions in life can take hold and stagnate and frustrate the Spirit, leading to oppression. This type of depression follows long-term stress, usually seen in hard working, ambitious individuals who suddenly lose motivation and drive. One is forced to give up cherished employment either through circumstances or motherhood or self-imposed pressures become too great and they ‘collapse’ within and are deprived of meaning in life. In both, the depression involves a loss of purpose and ‘vision’. Individuals with Wood imbalance are often moody, irritable, frustrated with others and dissatisfied with life. One tends to be bitter and jaded and often feel victimized, carrying hurt that they never really healed from and cannot be given expression and if they did express, the pain would never cease to flow.

The essential oils in this blend will: uplift, relax nerves, refresh spirit. Release pent up feelings, relieve negativity, bring out the inner child. Comfort the mind, relieve emotional exhaustion. Help those who have cut themselves off to escape emotional pain. Nourishes and unifies. Relieve feelings of abandonment shame and anger stored in the musculature. Help restore tolerance for ones self.

Depression and negativity can stem from a wide range of psychological issues, pressures and experiences. The five elements, based on Chinese medicine, identifies the nature of the depression by the cause and characteristics. The element to which the problem is linked is the one that most clearly associates to the precise feelings involved. The Elements connect to physical organs and meridians and tends to be the most accurate when dealing with depression. If one can use antidepressants to raise the chemical imbalance in the body, they can then incorporate one or more of the Elements to heal on a deeper level tending to the organs associated and the physical issues that are out of balance.

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Organic/Wild Crafted Oils of: Citrus bergamia oil, Citrus sinensis oil, Citrus reticulate oil, Anthemis nobilis L oil, Citrus aurantium L. oil, Achillea millefolium  flower oil.

Use: Add 12-21 drops to a diffuser or ionizer with water.  Add 5 drops to bath.

Discontinue if irritation occurs.  Not recommended for ingestion.

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