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Talisman Pure Blend

Trees, walking amongst them, larches, pines, spruce and more. Flowers bring colour to everything; it is why spring makes people happy. The earth grounds us, we feel better once we have been outside. There are times I forget to put oils on and when I do something shifts. When I add oils to the diffuser, the house brightens and feels new.

The last several weeks has been hard on people, relationships, children, elderly, some more than others. When this blend came to me it is because I wanted some magic answer, some Angel to make this all disappear, a miracle. I wanted people to get along and have conversations, not argue. I wanted it all to make sense and these are the oils that came to me:
Sandalwood: detoxes, gives energy, grounds us. Hyssop cleanses negative and promotes truth. Balsam of Peru assists in movement forward, meeting challenges head on, and Juniper means good health, healing, fortune and protection. 
The spruce trees have long been used for protection and good luck; we need that. 
Melissa is antiviral, antibacterial and an antidepressant. 
Palo Santo seals your intentions, one of the most fragrant woods in the world, for centuries, it’s been a harbinger of healing and good fortune. 
Cedarwood improves spirituality because inhaling it relaxes the overly analytical mind, allowing for obsessive thinking to ease, and the spirit, or true essence to increase. Blue Tansy relaxes and releases irritation.

It depicts everything we need now and moving forward. It is my wish that it is like magic, that it lifts us up, grounds us, brings us to a place without fear and negativity. That we can stay centred, trusting and find truth in our mind. There are more oils in it than the above, like a bit of oregano, because of so much research on its properties but I will put it all on the website. With all these amazing oils in one bottle, I bring you our Talisman blend.

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Ingredients: Sandalwood, hyssop, oregano, Peru balsam, juniper, red spruce, cedar wood, melissa, orange, sage, amber, blue tansy, white spruce, palo santo, rose, peppermint. 

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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