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Spiritual As Heck Kerplunks

Tougher days for small business, sourcing out new ways to be creative while everything in the world seems to be chaotic. I took a bath after a really hard weekend of new restrictions, arguments and crazy kids. I sat immersed in the water with Healing Hollow's clearing oils in the tub and manifested positivity, let go of what was causing me stress and pulled the plug.

As I dried off I thought about all the people struggling and how much better I felt letting it all go and how therapeutic the water and oils were and decided we needed these ready to use bombs for new moon, full moon, cleansing, grounding and retrograde. 

New Moon: Oils to assist in new beginnings, changes and the new moon. Made with our New Moon blend and baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel, grape seed, mica powder. 

Full Moon: oils to assist in changes, letting go and the full moon. Made with our Full Moon blend and baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel, grape seed, mica powder. 

Grounded: Made with all the grounding oils to protect you from the crazy energy out there. Great for a morning bath. 

CleansedMade with all the cleansing oils to cleanse your body of the energies of the day. 

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