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Lip Smack Roll On 10 ml

Lip Smack Blend-cold sores.

Size: 10 ml roll on. For larger options, use code: ROLL10 and save 15% with 3 roll ons. 

Organic/Wild Crafted Oils of: Lavandula angustifolia oil, Thymus Satureiodes Coss oil, Eucalyptus radiata oil, Melaleuca alternifolia oil, Origanum Compactum Benth oil, Mentha Piperita oil, Citrus limon oil, Callitris intratropica oil, Olea europaea oil, Rosa Canina oil, Azadirachta indica oil.

Use: Roll onto clean finger and dab onto area 4x/day.  Many have used on soles of feet for successful prevention.  Safe for all ages.  Safe for pregnancy/children.

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