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Fire Element Roll On 5 ml

Chinese Fire Element Blend.

An imbalance of Joy and Love, the root emotion of the Heart and the Mind. Loss of ‘joie de vivre, one’s natural ‘joy of life’. A lack of interest and enthusiasm, the inability to feel inspired any longer. Usually afflicting people who are naturally warm and giving but who can become cold and apathetic or agitated and hypersensitive. Fire type depression can result from rejection and disappointment in relationships (all relationships) because it deals with the Heart. A sadness of the Spirit can make this individual distant and unaffectionate over time because of disappointment or feeling too much. Much of this depression stems from childhood, being psychologically overpowered by others which may continue to affect us or we may attract it in relationships. One tends to suffer in silence rather than expose their feelings and initiate change for fear of ‘rocking the boat’.

Essential oils to help: with goals and true potential. Relieves oppressing and overwhelming emotions and allow one to confront the cause of their depression instead of ‘suffering in silence’. Can help with sexual anxiety whether from inhibition, self-restraint, frustration or vulnerability.

Depression and negativity can stem from a wide range of psychological issues, pressures and experiences. The five elements, based on Chinese medicine, identifies the nature of the depression by the cause and characteristics. The element to which the problem is linked is the one that most clearly associates to the precise feelings involved. The Elements connect to physical organs and meridians and tends to be the most accurate when dealing with depression. If one can use antidepressants to raise the chemical imbalance in the body, they can then incorporate one or more of the Elements to heal on a deeper level tending to the organs associated and the physical issues that are out of balance.


Organic/Wild Crafted Oils of: Citrus bergamia oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis oil, Jasminum sambac oil, Cananga Odorata oil, Mentha spicata oil, Rosa damascene oil, Zingiber officinalis oil, Olea europaea oil.

Use: Apply to soles of feet, wrists and/or heart 2-3x/daily.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Not recommended for ingestion.



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