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Bath Drops by Healing Hollow

Made with all natural, food grade ingredients and Healing Hollow's top selling blends. Add 1 drop to your tub and enjoy the benefits plus moisturized skin. 2oz in size. 

Available in 1 drop or pack of 7 for everyday!!

Ingredients:  bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, arrowroot, shea butter, essential oils. 

ReliefCitric acid, MSM, Baking soda, arrowroot, shea, peppermint, lemongrass, Plant based colouring, menthol, peppermint leaves, salt. 

Dream: (above ingredients) clary sage, lavender, vanilla, herbs. 

Calm: (above ingredients) Magic Potion blend, lavender & calendula petals, food grade sparkles,

Depresso: (above ingredients) orange, eucalyptus, rose petals. 

Immune(above ingredients) Immune blend, Himalayan salt. 

Soothe: Citric acid, bicarbonate soda, goats milk powder, colloidal oatmeal and itchy ban blend. 



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