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Survive Retrograde Combo Pack

Mercury turns retrograde several times a year causing communication issues, mail and travel delays.

We can make mercury retrograde easier right off the bat by giving you a free blend with purchase of a 10 ml diffuser and 10 roll on.  There is no denying that Retrograde blend helps the whole house while Mercury is spinning backwards.
It is recommended you don’t make large purchases or electronic purchases until after. Read things thoroughly because mercury controls glands and circulation for people who  struggle with thyroid, adrenals or circulation tend to suffer a little more with aches and fatigue.  Children seem to be little barometers at this time of year and both parents and children can benefit from this Retrograde blend daily, prior to and during retrograde.

Usage: supports the glands, circulatory and emotional and smells amazing.

10 ml roll on remedy blend
10 ml diffuser blend
FREE 5 ml roll on remedy blend for your bag

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