Relax Box by Healing Hollow

We wanted to make a box that really made Mother's Day meaningful, whether it's your birth mom or someone who supported you unconditionally. 

We connected with Radiant Knots to find a stone that meant love and family then gathered all our most nurturing products to bring you the 2020 Mother's Day Relax Box then we kept it around for gift giving. 

Citrine is an excellent crystal for relationships. It smooths family or group problems, and promotes solutions and cohesiveness. It encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits. It represents the solar plexus which helps you grow your confidence and vitality. This empowers you to follow your true path and create the life you want.This defines what mothers do for their child. 

We then wanted pampering and relaxing so we included

  • Sunshine in a Bottle Roller & Body Cream to brighten the day
  • Green with Envy Cleanser, Fresh Face Scrub & HH Body Wash Blend
  • Magnesium Bath Salts Mix Instant Bath
  • Soco Citrus Soap to brighten and refresh 
  • Orange Dream Blend to add to the lava on her gemstone keychain 
  • Yak Blanket for relaxing after pampering
  • And 'Radiant' Citrine Mother's Keychain with diffusing lava to carry always.

These will be ready to ship Friday May 1st. Please include what you would like us to say on the box if we are mailing it for you. 


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