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Patchouli Bergamot Bar Soap

SCENT NOTES dark patchouli resin. bergamot. sweet orange. Ok... How was Woodstock over 50 years ago?! Even though that was a half-century ago, I think we'd all agree that we could use a little more of that peace and love right now. So, let's bridge that divide with a bar of Patchouli Bergamot. Its bright citrus aromas and earthy patchouli attract everyone from old hippies to soccer moms. So, whether you're sporting a tie-dye shirt or yoga pants, wash up with a bar today and we'll be hugging out our differences in no time. This and all of our soaps are made with a carefully sourced blend of five plant-based oils, including extra virgin olive oil and shea butter. Each of our 25+ bar soap varieties feature a unique, sophisticated scent, vibrant dye-free colors, and natural botanicals that will instantly make Cellar Door your new bestselling line.  All of our products are: • SLS and SLES-free • Detergent-free • Phthalate-free • Paraben-free • Sulfate-free Size: 5oz / 142g

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