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Maskne Mist

Blended after much demand for some help with skin after wearing masks all day. Due to air being trapped the skin becomes a haven for acne and bacteria so this mist will comfort and clean the skin helping with issues. Aloe and olive squalene are soothing for skin with olive squalene being the closest to the skin's sebum: "Squalane is easily absorbed by human skin, because it is a derivative of the unsaturated terpene hydrocarbon called Squalene, an oily molecule that occurs naturally in the sebum of human skin". Witch hazel combats the moisture issues the mask has caused to the skin. The essential oils help with the blemishes and issues. 

Ingredients: Witch hazel, aloe juice and gel, olive squalene, patchouli, cedarwood, helichrysum, orange.

30ml/1 oz glass spray bottle. 

Use: Mist over face after washing face or during the day to relieve mask issues. 

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