Maiden Perras Diffusing Bracelets

Hand crafted in Fernie, B.C. by Maiden Perras. Each bracelet is unique and beautiful. Add your favourite oil to it and breath it in all day. For more options, find them on Instagram. 

Matte Amazonite Lava Stone, Sunstone

Matte White Jade, Larvikite and lava stone. 

Matte Flower Jasper, Lapis, and lava stone

Labradorite, matte strawberry quartz and lava stone

Matte Flower Jasper, amethyst and lava stone

Lapis, Tiger eye and lava stone. 

Plum Quartz, black labradorite and lava. 

Matte Angelite, mystic aura quartz and lava.

Matte Peach Aventurine, aquamarine and lava 

Matte Snowflake Obsidian, black bloodstone and lava 

Matte Scenery Jasper, howlite and lava 

Matte Rhodonite, amethyst and lava. 

Pink Opal Howlite and lava 

Matte Amazonite Mystic Aura quartz and lava 

Matte Maifan stone, sunstone and lava 

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