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Lunar Pure Blend Duo

Stay on top of the entire months moon phases with the Lunar Moon Pack. Working with the New and Full Moons every month can bring about fantastic changes and shifts. The moons affect humans, animals and the earth in big ways so what better way to let go and open new doors than working with that energy.

FULL MOON: With the full moon comes CHANGE and change is good. While everything gets pushed to the surface and often causes some stress, it is a great time to let stuff go that isn’t working well for you. Writing down what you don’t want anymore while diffusing this blend or bathing in it a great way to move forward.

NEW MOON: A new moon is symbolic of new beginnings! The energy of a new moon should be used achieve your goals or to start new projects. During a new moon, take the time to reflect back on your old goals and set yourself new ones. This magical time is the perfect opportunity to start anew.

Physically the new and full moons change the tides thus creating pressure in our bodies because we are 70% water. Some suffer more pain, headaches and mood disorders. Some police forces and hospitals increase staff during these times.

Lunar Diffuser Duo Pack includes 1 New Moon Diffuser & 1 Full Moon Diffuser

Discontinue if irritation occurs.  Not recommended for ingestion.


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