Culinary Lavender

Sanctuary Lavender Farm, located in the Creston valley brings you the most sought after lavender products. Their culinary lavender is well known throughout the Kootenays for its deep colour and distinctive flavour! As all their lavender is grown naturally, with no chemicals, it is essentially organic. Some ways to use culinary lavender are in baking, to make simple syrups to add to latte’s, champagne or other cocktails, and even for savory dishes such as meat rubs and pastas.

“The process of preparing culinary lavender buds begins with drying English lavender after harvest. We then hand clean the lavender 3 times through screens, removing stems and flowers, leaving the buds. Finally it is winnowed with fans to clean any dust or chaff from the buds, leaving what we have been told is the cleanest, most delicious culinary lavender around.”

Each jar contains 15 grams

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