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Crystal Healing Collection by White Aura

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Their story...
As a mother and daughter our lifetime love for candles inspired us to create our
own handmade organic soy candles. It was most important that not only did
they have to smell incredible, but they had to look beautiful too. We began our
journey. Each candle is unique and no two are exactly the same. We carefully
hand select our authentic healing crystal toppers and decorate the tops of the
candles with different embellishments such as real crystals, dried flowers,
abalone shells etc. We truly hope that our elegant candles will invoke a positive,
comforting, and spiritual experience to your home.
The warm light of the fire combined with the delicate oils and healing crystals
make each time you light them a special occasion. We use only the best organic
wax along with premium essential oils and natural fragrances that are
phthalate and paraben free along with natural cotton wicks. They have an
approximate burn time of 60 hours or more. Each candle is made small batch
style and hand poured. After your candle is finished you are left with a lovely
container to repurpose for something else. Proudly made locally in Kelowna B.C.

DREAMY VANILLA~ soft notes of vanilla and lavender; if you love lavender this one is so soft and beautiful with the lavender essential oils and real dried lavender.

HEAVENLY ~ honey, vanilla, ginger, cloves, and oatmeal, this one is heavenly because it literally smells so good you kind of want to eat it!

ANGELS BREATH~ the perfect pairing of soft vanilla and invigorating peppermint, one of our favourites.

NURTURE ~ rose water, lily, patchouli is what make this one so special. Adding the rose quartz crystals and dried rose petals just seemed like the right thing to do. Perfect gift for moms, brides, baby showers etc

SPELLBOUND ~ peach, grapefruit, hydrangea, cherry blossom, amazing!

NAMASTE ~ notes of incense, patchouli, Indonesian white copal, takes me back to Bali each time. 

TRANSCEND ~ tobacco, leaves, orange, vanilla bean and soft notes of amber elevates you to another time and space.

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