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Crafted Bath Soap Bars

Sandalwood & Bergamot: 

Bergamot essential oil and sandalwood blend to make this a fantastic men's bar soap Handmade and weighs about 4.5 ounces Shrink wrapped. Ingredients - mica, fragrance, essential oil, glycerin

Oatmeal/Lavender Massage Bar: This soothing soap bar contains flake oatmeal for a gentle exfoliation and colloidal oatmeal which will sooth irritated skin. Infused with pure lavender essential oil. This is a truly luxurious healing spa bar your skin will love.

Fruit Loops: This super fun rainbow soap is scented with fruit loops cereal scent ! Moisturizing glycerin based vegetable soap will leave skin clean and fresh feeling. No dried out skin ! Kids will absolutely love the vibrant color and scent Makes a fantastic gift ! 

Lavender & Tea Tree Exfoliation Bar: A blend of tea tree and lavender essential oil that provides a soothing benefit to your skin, reducing ingrown hairs and unsightly bumps.Blended with soy, luffa and pumice plant based botanicals. 

Ingredients - aqua, glycerin, (vegetable based ) lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, pumice, soy scrub, ground luffa.  * may contain rose petal or lavender



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