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Christmas Candles by Healing Hollow

We are busy in our little Kimberley workshop making all sorts for Christmas. With so much increase in shipping costs and supplies, we decided to use our Healing Hollow scents to create candles in-house. We couldn't be more excited with the results. 

Gold tin | 2.5 oz |

Candy Cane: Made with our top selling Candy Cane blend, this candle smells divine. 

Mrs Claus's Kitchen: making hot toddy's to get through the season this one smells like spiced apple.

Reindeer's Pasture: all the lovely trees you would find where the reindeer graze and play. 

Santa's Workshop: imagine all the making happening in Santa's old workshop, this candle is leather and suede, musky and fresh. Like a fresh showered Santa. 



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