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You Got This Pack


You Got This Pack!!! Our hand picked-tested for 17 years-immune helping/preventative/support pack!


I have been using oils for over 17 years now and I have learned the oils, blends and how to use them to protect against bugs and viruses. I have played around with them when travelling and used intuition many times with success. We don’t often get sick here, if my kids do it is about 24-48 hours and gone without any lingering symptoms as I often see in kids.

  • We use Immune 5 at bed and in the morning before school.
  • We have Immune 5 hand sanitizer in pockets.
  • We wipe down hotel rooms or carts with Immune 5 Spray.
  • We use Ore-GONE-O when people around us are sick so it is circulating and we’re stronger because oils reach every cell in the body within 20 minutes when applied to feet.
  • We use the inhaler on airplanes and before malls.
  • We bathe in immune oils or immune bombs if feeling something coming on.
  • If we have been busy, we slather up, have a bath, relax and don’t burn out.
  • The MORE you use oils the healthier you become, it is amazing.

This pack includes my Go To’s and comes with Immune 5 Hand sani and the Inhaler for free, saving you over 25% off. Also includes a carry bag you could leave in the car or suit case.


10 ml Immune 5 Roll On

10 ml OreGONE-O blend

5 ml Immune Pure Blend

15 ml Hand Immune 5 Hand sanitizer

Immune 5 Bath Bomb

Eucalyptus Inhaler

Immune 5 Room Spray

Additional information
Weight200 g
Dimensions14 × 14 × 14 cm