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March 15, 2019
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June 22, 2019

Myth or Truth

Let’s first talk about cats and all the misinformation we read on the internet about felines and essential oils. Whew, there is a lot out there and hate to break it to you but most of it is WRONG! 

  1. “Diffusing around cats can poison them”. False: diffusion is a great way to use oils around cats and safe and effective. In an open room, diffuse 4-6 drops in your diffuser to treat your cat or for enjoyment.
  • “Using oils around cats causes liver or kidney damage”. False: goodquality essential oils can actually support the liver and kidney function. When an animal becomes ill, people often want to blame and if essential oils were used, they’ll blame the oils, however this isn’t fair. Many factors apply including age, prior health conditions, quality of oils and whether the oils were good quality or cheap/synthetic. When concluding cause and posting about it, did bloodwork and exams prove this undoubtedly? “Serial bloodwork for ongoing use of oils with cats indicates no correlation.” (Dr. Janet Roark)
  • “Citrus oils are toxic to cats.” False: there has been no evidence or cases by trained veterinarians to prove citrus oils are toxic. 

A 1988 study found toxicity of cats when sprayed with an insecticidal spray at 15 times the recommended dose (very high) that contained d-limonene (not an essential oil). Symptoms included hypersalivation, shivering, tremors, and lasted 5 hours-no deaths or lasting effects were seen. (Dr. Janet Roark). Reported exposure to high doses for flea repelling properties with synthetic d-limonene did show skin irritations. It is safe to conclude that diffusing citrus oils and use them in cleaning products is safe around cats. (quality matters)

  • “Pine oils is toxic to cats”. False. Pine-Sol (brand name) toxicity was reported in the 80’s. Pine-Sol is a brand, not an essential oil. No reports of pine oil toxicity have ever been reported.
  • “eucalyptus oils are toxic to cats”. False. The cat named Ernie that went viral on Facebook has no bloodwork or findings proving his death to be from eucalyptus. It is listed as a toxic plant when ingested for cats. Pure eucalyptus topical and oral should be avoided. Diffusing in an open room is recommended.
  • “Lavender oil is toxic to cats”. FALSE! It has been used for many, many years safely with cats. 1988 article of acute toxicity from an insecticidal spray that contained linalool, the synthetic ingredient, not the essential oil. 

Stay tuned for how to best use oils around cats so they benefit. #spreadfacts

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