Moving on Up

Myth or Truth
June 18, 2019
Re-Use, Re-iterate.
June 22, 2019

Invermere Healing Hollow, almost 3 years there now. It’s gone by fast, a roller coaster at times. 

Invermere is my third store and it’s about the time that my alone time in the shops became less and everything else became more. Orders, ordering, employees, events, memberships…all became “more”. 

Five stores is a lot, there are days where I sit and wonder how it happened and if it’s right for me. I wonder if I still have “over achiever syndrome” where I am reaching for success yet never feel successful. Every career I’ve had I’ve always needed more; another certificate, another course, more clients and this time, more stores. Is it just what I want in life, to keep finding great spaces and turning them into Healing Hollow’s or am I chasing something I will never catch? 

With the Invermere lease coming to end, I considered maybe letting this one go. I could have one less responsibility, one less store to worry about, one less thing to think about. As I’ve often said, I run my business differently as far as how to proceed, I leave it up to the Universe and step out of the way. Then I looked at a bigger space, it was gorgeous, maybe I could make it GRAND!  It would be too much to take on though, I made a connection with the owner, it felt as though it was meant to be that our paths crossed but I declined, it felt too “big” but it led to the next. 

Fast forward to my Kelowna trip, I receive a text to call a person I don’t know, which leads me to the cutest space with décor to match my style and everything melts like butter into place. Sometimes we try to find reasons, we push too hard to move forward or we pull back to stop ourselves. I left it. I let it happen. I asked for answers and I got them. This time there are no reasons to stop, there are only nudges to keep following this path I am on, this path in nature, an old grass worn path that is peaceful, surrounded by trees and plants, just like Healing Hollow and all the oils. When it gets too much some days, I need to remember that I love nature, the oils, but nature has its storms, the wind, the blown down trees and from that comes growth, new buds and new beginnings. See you at our new location, 1206-7thAvenue in Invermere and thank you to all those people I’ve met on that path, serendipitous. 

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