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Holiday Bars by Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.

Cellar Door Bath Supply Co. is a Michigan-based company owned and operated by wife and husband team Elizabeth and Brandon Mitchell and an enthusiastic team of soap and candle makers. Our products embody our strong belief in environmental responsibility and sustainability. What started as a hobby in 2008 has grown from a one-person operation to a family business with a dedicated team shipping products to customers and retailers all around the world. All of Cellar Door Bath Supply Co’s products are plant-based, cruelty-free, and free of synthetic dyes and detergents. We design, test, and produce all products in-house in Canton, Michigan.

Bad SantaScent Notes: cherry pipe tobacco. black raspberry. vanilla bean. We’ve all seen him. The mall Santa. The guy that has no business dressing up like santa, let alone having children sit on his lap. Ew... He sits on a throne of lies and smells like beef and cheese and could really use a shower with a bar of this here soap. So next time you let your kids sit on this stranger’s lap, instead of letting him bum a smoke, maybe slide him a bar of Bad Santa soap and hope for the best. Frost Bite

Holiday HearthScent Notes: charred firewood. saffron. baltic amber. sandalwood. Pour yourself two fingers of Glenlivet neat, cozy up in your green velvet wingback chair and say “Alexa, turn on the fireplace.” (It’s doable. I know a guy.) It doesn’t get more hygge than that. Unless, that is, you have a bar of Holiday Hearth nearby. Its smoky, sweet aroma really helps take this whole “robe and slippers couture” thing you’ve got going on up a notch.

Gumdrop Forest: Scent Notes: pink berries. whipped sugar. frosted evergreen. green apple. Take a stroll through the candy cane forest and over the sea of swirly twirly gumdrops to a soap we call Gumdrop Forest. The sweet scents of sugar and evergreen are sure to please kids and anyone that’s young at heart. But let’s be real, I’ve watched my kid eat gum from the underside of a restaurant table, so we’re not exactly dealing with the most refined palates here.

Frost Bite: Scent Notes: icy peppermint. refreshing spearmint. You know that scene in A Christmas Story where Flick stuck his tongue to the flagpole? Yeah, Frost Bite’s kinda like that. Except way nicer and a lot less painful. It’s got that little bit of tingle to really open up those sinuses and wake you up in the shower. Because sometimes you wake up and just can’t... For those mornings, grab yourself some Frost Bite.

Ingredients: * olive oil (olea europaea) * coconut oil (cocos nucifera) * water (aqua) * sustainable palm oil (elaeis guineensis) * sodium hydroxide (lye) * castor oil (ricinus communis) * shea butter (butyrospermum parkii) * fragrance (parfum) * bamboo charcoal * iron oxide * titanium dioxide

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